Agents Of Chaos

Donovan Nagel
Written by Donovan Nagel

As I write this, it looks like the coup against Donald Trump may actually succeed.

This is the most brazen act of electoral fraud (theft) in history.

It’s like we’re all just sitting back watching bank robbers walk into a bank in the middle of the day, past the security, grab the cash, walk out and drive away in slow motion with nobody stopping them.

That’s what’s transpiring right now.

And it’s hard to believe.

Trump won in a second landslide with legal voting - it’s a red map. But the mail-in rort and “miraculous 4am ballots” conveniently flipped nearly all the swing states to Biden.

Of course, everyone’s looking to the courts to save them now.

Wait for SCOTUS. We have ACB now.

Yeah right.

Courts have been betraying and undermining Trump/America for the past 4 years, and I don’t expect them to suddenly do the right thing and make a just ruling on this election.

Everyone has an opinion.

It’s easy to say “this will lead to civil war”, but I think it’s more accurate to say that a civil war has been underway for some time now. A one-sided civil war.

Things are probably going to devolve into serious violence after this.

In addition to the political attacks, we’ve seen a hostile and unapologetic media that has worked overtime as a mouthpiece for their masters for 4 years (actually a lot longer but Trump exposed them). Big Tech - Twitter, Facebook, Google, and many other smaller companies are no longer hiding their censorship and activism (Trump’s entire Twitter feed is covered in censored posts right now).

Conservatives are being booted off social media platforms, payment processors and in some cases, even banks.

To add to this, you’ve got the brown shirts (Antifa/BLM types) in the streets all over the country who just seem to be more and more emboldened every day to wreak havoc with impunity.

What we haven’t seen yet but may see soon

Conservatives are law-abiding, order-upholding people.

These are the values we hold - we love order, structure, nature, calm.

If we can resolve problems legally and properly then we will.

We’re generally people of faith - we forgive, we love our neighbors and our enemies. This makes us patient people.

But people are human and have limits.

I think what’s happening now is pushing conservatives right into a fight-or-flight corner. The ballot box has become meaningless - corruption reigns and it looks like it can’t be voted away anymore.

The one thing we have not seen yet is a vicious conservative response.

You have tens of millions of disenfranchised, armed civilians who now feel completely threatened, robbed and will be out for blood.

NOTE: I’m definitely not advocating violence here. I’m just hypothesizing where this is all likely to lead.

Normally, when a voter wants revenge against a politician, they just vote them out at the next election cycle.

But it’s just not possible anymore when the other side can “find” a hundred thousand ballots at 4am in the morning.

Any civility that the Obama administration may have had is gone too - the new Democrats are vile and dangerous.

So what option do disenfranchised people have?

Can we stop pretending we’re friends?

I gave up on debate with liberals a long time ago (for want of a better label).

There is not a single thing that we’re united on.

Other than a handful of work acquaintances, I can honestly say that I have no liberal “friends”. My discussions with liberals in the real world are purely transactional. Why wrap my arms around someone who is concealing a dagger in their hand?

Scripture’s quite clear on this:

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 2 Cor. 6:14

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Eph. 5:11

So let’s just end the charade of camaraderie.

Again and again I see friends of mine and fellow believers allowing themselves to be fooled into a superficial friendship with the world, and then they cry and complain when they get stabbed.

They’re not your friends.

They hate you with the force of a thousand suns.

They don’t respect your opinions and they insult you behind your back.

This morning, I had a conversation with my wife about her liberal “friends” who have all been sending insulting messages back and forth about “stupid Trump voters”.

I said to my wife:

“Do they not realize that you’re a Trump voter?”

I consider all liberals to be an existential threat toward my family and community, and there is literally nothing else that we have in common which could unite us.

We live in proximity but we are at enmity.

And even if your failed ideas don’t directly cause harm to me or my family, they’re irreparably wrecking the future for my grandchildren and their children.

Now, you might say “But Jesus was the friend of sinners!”

Yes, but that means Jesus was there to accept sinners who came to repentance. He called people out of their ignorance and former, sinful lives to His kingdom.

He opened his arms to accept them.

But following Jesus comes with a condition - you must repent (turn away from your former beliefs and behaviors).

To suggest that Jesus found evil tolerable is pure fiction.

What about “Christians” who support Joe Biden?

Simply put: They don’t exist.

It’s got nothing to do with Joe Biden specifically, the Democrats or idolizing the Republican Party.

It has to do with the outright rejection of what is clearly evil:

  • Abortion (now up until the 9th month and in some suggestions, even post-birth)
  • LGBT propaganda
  • Trans hormone abuse of young children
  • Endless foreign wars
  • Corruption at the highest levels of government
  • Critical Race Theory that teaches a radical, racist, revisionist version of history which tears communities apart
  • Targeting of churches and religious freedom

The list goes on.

On the first point alone (abortion), no Christian can support the Democrat platform and keep a clean conscience. It’s simply impossible to justify.

But I can’t stand Trump’s personality! He’s so mean with his words.

There are so many Christians, including prominent evangelical voices (e.g. John Piper), that use the argument that Trump’s personality is inexcusable.

John Piper literally equated Trump’s “arrogance” with infant murder .

Not even making that up.

These are cowards and charletans.

The Apostle Paul and even Jesus himself had incredibly abrasive personalities at times - they called people out, said very aggressive and offensive things to get their point across, and made no apologies for it.

Paul was a hated man who didn’t back down.

By the way, on John Piper, my personal belief with him is that he’s part of a dying “Big Eva” (Evangelicalism) that is rapidly losing power and influence in politics, and they blame Trump in large part for that.

They’re cultural Christians - brought up in a predictable political landscape where their enormous church platforms offer them the ear of politicians - and they’re terrified of that political landscape changing.

Basically, they’re part of the establishment and part of the problem.

Right vs Left = Good vs Evil?

I think it was the late Charles Krauthammer who famously said:

Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.

It’s true that the Christian position is that we’re all evil.

But if I’m honest, I think liberalism has drifted way beyond mere ‘stupidity’.

What is a “liberal” anyway?

The term “liberal” (Latin: liberalis) implies some kind of freedom - freedom from what exactly?

I’ll tell you:

Freedom from order.

Freedom from the laws and structures God put in place to govern humanity and the natural order.

Freedom in the liberal sense = <span style={{color: #f56545}}>chaos.

These people, whether knowingly or unknowingly, are agents of chaos and disobedience - they want the complete and total breakdown of God-ordained structures so they can be their own gods.

They’re not just interested in winning arguments.

They want the absolute annihilation of what God has ordained. 🤔

Nothing unites us anymore

Matt Walsh, the conservative commentator, recently asked a pertinent question:

What’s “united” about the United States anymore?

Ethnically, culturally, religiously - other than citizenship on paper or in a passport, there is literally nothing that binds people together cohesively.

The same is true in Australia and elsewhere.

We used to have a shared origin (ethnically and historically) and a shared culture. We used to all ascribe to some semblence of a Christian faith.

Future generations mattered.

None of these things hold true anymore.

We’re melting pots of different races with opposing views and beliefs, and other than a passport or citizenship on paper, we have nothing in common.

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic/lockdowns taught me, it’s that cohesion be damned.

Every man is for himself.