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I’m a follower of Christ (I try to be!).

A bit of back story - I’m a theology graduate.

Straight out of high school, I gave up on an IT degree and career path to become a minister of the Gospel.

After I finished my degree, I became disillusioned with and burned by the established “churches” (who hasn’t?), and left ministry for linguistics (which led me to start a famous blog on the topic).

I’m still in what I describe as my dark night of the soul - eagerly seeking God for more answers.

Like everyone, I’m still on a journey.

But unlike a lot of my peers, I never used my disillusion as an excuse to abandon my faith.

My experiences have made me even more hungry for God’s truth.

I still desire to serve in some form of ministry but I have no idea what that looks like currently.


I’m a husband and dad of two children.

In my view, most of society’s current problems boil down to two epidemics:

Broken marriages. Missing fathers. Obviously, if you want to get back to the very root of why those things exist, you can blame our culture’s abandonment of God.

You can also blame a lot of our so-called human “progress”.

I believe one of the best antidotes to many of the problems we have is unapologetic and assertive masculinity.

What this means: the world needs strong dads.

You can’t change a sick culture by yelling at it but you can be the change it needs and raise your kids right.


I’m always conflicted on politics.

On the one hand, I believe that this world is passing away and Christ’s Kingdom transcends earthly politics and ideologies.

We were never called to get involved in politics as believers.

Way too many evangelicals (especially American conservatives) think that it’s our duty to expand God’s Kingdom through politics - something Jesus was very clearly against.

On the other hand, I’m fiercely opinionated and can’t refrain from sharing my opinions. Our society is out of control.

Having two young kids, my concern is for their future growing up in the upside-down clown world we’ve created for them.

From time to time, I may share my views on political issues.

My goal is never to convince or change minds - just vent.

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