Tech and Entrepreneurship

I gave up a career in Tech many years ago.

But it’s still something I thoroughly enjoy.

I have a YouTube channel and blog that are dedicated to BSD (UNIX-like operating systems that are very similar to Linux).

I also do a lot of tinkering - I program in various languages and do web development.

Currently doing a lot of React projects.

The thing that I’m really into at the moment though is Static Site Generators (SSG’s for short). After many years of using Wordpress and growing to hate it, I’ve begun building sites with Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby (this site) and some other contenders (really in love with Gridsome right now (Vue.js)).

I’m an extreme minimalist at heart and very OCD(!) so I’m always on the lookout for “suckless” alternatives (I have a love-hate relationship with Node).

Entrepreneurship I run some small online businesses.

What started out as simply blogging 8 years ago turned into a full-time income that has enabled my family to travel globally and buy a home.

I like to tweak and experiment, and to see what works.

For business, I’ve learned so much about marketing, online branding, social media and so on over the years. Most of what’s out there is regurgitated fluff.

Currently I’m right down the niche site building rabbit hole, having built around a dozen successful niche sites using Gatsby.

See my tech and entrepreneurship archive.

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