Liberal Classism: Why Do They Look Down On The Working Class?

Donovan Nagel
Written by Donovan Nagel

In case you missed it, the second Brexit referendum happened this week.

Britain had a general election which delivered a deeply satisfying, Establishment-shocking result: Labour had its worst defeat since pre-WW2.

The Tories won a huge majority .

Corbyn, the anti-Semitic, terrorist-sympathizing Communist leader of the Labour Party (who many projected to win and fundamentally transform Britain into a dystopia) was rejected and humiliated.

And parts of working class Britain that have been Labour strongholds for decades went full-blown Tory.

Brexit is finally going to happen. (to what extent remains to be seen)

The smug classism of the Intelligentsia

It’s hard not to notice the clear pattern of working class revolt happening all over the Western world at this very moment.

With the exception of Canada (who reelected Trudeau, the blackface buffoon ), people everywhere are angry.

And isn’t it interesting how the very same people who long for a Marxist ideal of ‘proletariat uprising’ are oblivious to the actual working class uprising that is happening against them right at this very moment?

The Intelligentsia (who claim to be for the working class and downtrodden) are in fact, the ones doing the oppressing.

One thing that Trump, Boris and ScoMo’s shocking victories have in common: an undeniable rejection by normal, average people of the Intelligentsia’s vile and/or absurd social and economic experiments, and their disdain for ordinary people.

The working class are tired of being called a bunch of uneducated racist idiots.

They’re tired of people calling them evil and privileged (when they are neither).

Smug, liberal Intelligentsia act as the keepers of higher knowledge ( read Sowell ) and make decisions on behalf of the inarticulate working class who are deemed “too stupid” to decide the future of society.

In other words, I’m incapable of deciding what’s best for my kids’ future so a childless, activist politician with a humanities degree needs to make that decision on my behalf.

That’s basically where we’re at.

And liberals wonder why they keep losing.

The Left keeps losing but they don’t understand why

They hate us.

They literally view you and I as human garbage.

This is not an exaggeration.

Leftists who live in their metropolitan, fenced-off bubbles, look at us (the average working class) as horrible scum only useful for one thing: votes.

This is a particularly prevalent attitude in Britain.

I feel fortunate being a “new-worlder” in that Australia and America broke free of much of that European classism when they founded the colonies.

Australians are known for egalitarianism (thanks Irish) and loathe British classism.

Don’t get me wrong - it still exists here as well.

And in America, liberal elitism is very much alive in the coastal big cities where they view fly-over states as backward, disgusting shitholes.

But it’s nowhere near as bad as the sentiment in Britain.

I keep recalling an exchange I had with Alex Rawlings , “Britain’s most multilingual student” 3 years ago after Brexit won the referendum.

He represents the epitome of elitist privilege, a posh Oxford student masquerading as an activist in the language niche.

When the referendum happened a few years ago, he tiraded against the poor working class and insulted them viciously. I challenged and defeated his arguments, and embarassed him publicly.

He then preemptively blocked me on all his social media accounts.

Leftist rulebook: when you can’t win in the arena of ideas, swiftly shut down the conversation.

This is what working class Brits have to endure constantly.

Where does this all inevitably end up?

Let me pose a question as a hypothetical:

If liberals keep getting more and more deranged, and keep suffering larger and more shocking electoral defeats, what comes next?

Do you think liberals will eventually start waking up and realizing how wrong they were?

  • Will they eventually realize that Marxism doesn’t work and nobody wants it?
  • Will they eventually admit that there are only 2 genders?
  • Will they eventually realize that unnaturally redefining marriage was a catastrophic mistake?
  • Will they eventually admit that murdering millions of human offspring was evil?

Where does it all culminate?

Here’s what I’m considering:

If shocking electoral defeats continue, they’ll decide that elections themselves are the problem.

We’ve already seen hints of this in both America and Britain.

In the US, they decided the electoral college had to go after Trump won.

It doesn’t give us the result we want so let’s remove it.

Right now they’re going through an impeachment sham to remove Trump before November 2020 because they know for a fact that a fair election is too dangerous - his victory is too easy unless they prevent it.

In Britain, the Brexit mandate has been resisted from day one by the Intelligentsia with some arguing for a second referendum (in other words - we vote again until we get the correct answer).

Liberals will move closer and closer toward an all-out assault on democracy because it stands in the way of what they want.

Then what?

I can’t wait to find out. 🙂