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Amazon Destroyed Their Affiliate Program: Niche Site Update

Apr 2020
In case you haven't heard, Amazon made the very untimely decision to drop their affiliate commission rates down to effectively nothing.

What COVID-19 Means For SEO And Blogging Income

Mar 2020
For those of us who blog and run niche sites for a living, how is coronavirus going to affect us?

9 Excellent GatsbyJS Plugins I Use For My Niche Sites

Jan 2020
Although GatsbyJS has far fewer plugins than Wordpress does, the plugins it does have are outstanding. Here are my personal favorites.

Niche Site Experiment Update: 11 Sites In Various Niches

Nov 2019
Niche site experiments and case studies are common but I wanted to take a different angle and focus primarily on GatsbyJS/static speed + personalized content. Here's my first update.
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How To Revive An Old, Dead Blog Into An SEO Masterpiece

Oct 2019
Here I'll show you how to revive an old, abandoned blog or site, take it off the trash heap, fix it, clean it and turn it into a high-ranking SEO powerhouse.

GatsbyJS Niche Sites: Why You Need MDX

Sep 2019
When using GatsbyJS to create ultra-fast niche sites, you'd be crazy not to use MDX. I just switched over and can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

Flippa Sites Are Terrible Investments (Unless You're Smart)

Sep 2019
Flippa sites are not good investments at all generally but there are some gems if you know what you're looking for. Here's what I've learned.

In Defense Of Income School (Review): Why It's Not A Scam

Aug 2019
This Income School Project 24 review will look at whether or not its a scam. People are dubious of their SEO advice but I'd like to verify that it's legit.
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Competition Is For Losers (Be A Monopoly That Serves Instead)

Jul 2019
Serve your audience (genuinely) and have a creative monopoly over your own unique solution to their problems. Competition is for losers.

5 Reasons Static (GatsbyJS) Beats Wordpress For Niche Sites

Jul 2019
Today I'll share with you several reasons why static sites absolutely are better than Wordpress for niche site creation and SEO.

How On Earth Is Netlify Free? (SEO Niche Sites Just Got Better)

Jun 2019
Netlify is the future of web deployment. I tried it out this week and can't believe it's a free service.