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5 Reasons Static (GatsbyJS) Beats Wordpress For Niche Sites

July 15, 2019
Today I'll share with you several reasons why static sites absolutely are better than Wordpress for niche site creation and SEO.

How On Earth Is Netlify Free? (SEO Niche Sites Just Got Better)

June 17, 2019
Netlify is the future of web deployment. I tried it out this week and can't believe it's a free service.

Satisfying User Intent Is What Truly Matters For SEO In 2020

June 10, 2019
User intent (giving people what they want) is the single most important SEO ranking factor in 2020.
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SEO Is Ruining Blogging

May 31, 2019
SEO is ruining blogging as everyone is becoming increasingly obsessed with it. It's killing creativity.

Welcome To My First Official Blog

May 01, 2019
This is the first official blog post at DonovanNagel.com.