Trans Frankenstein

Donovan Nagel
Written by Donovan Nagel

Pray for these slain kids and their poor families this week:

  • Evelyn Dieckhaus
  • Hallie Scruggs
  • William Kinney

9 year old babies. Christian. With our Savior now for eternity.

Murdered by filth who the State and our wicked society protects, normalizes and celebrates. Someone who our forebears would have institutionalized or eradicated long before they could cause any damage.

We created this nightmare. This trans Frankenstein.

A society that refuses to protect its most vulnerable and most innocent in place of the most vile, most degenerate, most perverse, will not survive for long.

There is only one correct option left for Christian parents: homeschool. If you don’t do this, your kids will likely be indoctrinated (themselves put at risk of becoming like this monster), or they will be in increasingly real danger.