Why I've Changed My Mind About The Coronavirus

Donovan Nagel
Written by Donovan Nagel

Like a lot of people I assume, I’ve gone back and forth on the issue of COVID-19.

I’ve gone through my different phases:

  1. It’s no big deal or won’t affect us so who cares (early March).
  2. This is terrifying! (April).
  3. What sinister thing is really happening here? This lockdown was stupid (how I feel now).

We shut down the global economy for what exactly?

Death rates globally have been nothing even remotely close to what they projected, and nearly all the actual deaths (not the deaths of other causes that were attributed to COVID-19 to inflate numbers) have been very old or sick people.

Meanwhile, millions have lost jobs and are now destitute.

On top of the lost jobs and enormous damage to the economy which will take years to repair, we’ve made strides toward becoming an Orwellian dystopia by giving the police/government power to lock us in our homes, mandate our every step and surveil us with drones.

Church goers are arrested for worshipping.

No thanks.

I’m done.

Coronavirus is real but the measures are infinitely worse

People everywhere are getting “lockdown fatigue”.

We’re all done with it.

It’s only the screaming liberals who want the lockdown to continue and to give big brother more control over our trips to the breadlines.

I’m over it.

Can we go back to work now please?

My mother lost her job last week - for the first time in decades, she was actually happy in her career and wanted to stay there till retirement (7 years from now).

They fired her along with hundreds of other employees.

And for what?


Or perhaps there’s something far more sinister going on here. The timing of this pandemic couldn’t be more convenient for certain power groups.

What do you think?