Dogs Are Not Your Children

Written by Donovan Nagel
Last updated: June 5th, 2024
Dogs Are Not Your Children

I recently tweeted in support of a police officer who shot a pet labrador.

The cop was on duty walking in a neighbourhood (North Carolina) responding to a report of a dangerous dog in the area, and a pet dog ran at him. He shot and killed the animal.

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In all likelihood, the dog was just curious or playing, as labs are generally a non-aggressive breed.

However, the cop did what he was trained to do in this situation. A dog is a deadly weapon, and in the same way a cop can’t take chances with a knife wielder, they’re not supposed to sit there and assess the breed of dog running at them.

Protocol is to shoot the animal.

So anyway, I tweeted this reply and ended up receiving around 700 mostly angry replies, many of which were vile attacks and threats against me.

Several of them even threatened my children in retaliation.

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This is not the first time I’ve experienced this kind of response to my comments on dogs.

My local community group on Facebook often has posts about dogs getting loose in our community - one recently attacked a child - and, like my tweet, I’m open about my opinion on the matter.

I’ve had similar, aggressive responses from locals who can’t believe that I don’t adore canines the way they do.

Dogs are not children

I hate to break it to you, but dogs, cats and other animals are not - and never will be - a substitute for human children.

They are not your kids.

Additionally, they do not have eternal souls and there is no Scriptural support for the belief in pets going to heaven when they die.

These days, dogs get gender reveal parties, birthday parties, Christmas presents, hotels, health insurance and funerals. Our society has abandoned having children, and to fill the void, they treat dogs like kids. It’s sick.

If you act indifferent towards a dog, society treats you the way it used to treat people who were that way with human children.

Today, you can say horrible things about human kids and nobody cares - they even agree with you (read the depressing filth on r/childfree for example) - but if you dare say something that isn’t nice about a dog, look out.

They will come after you.

There’s something deeply disturbing about the way our society elevates pets, and it’s indicative of a spiritual sickness and a lonely void left by the choice to remain childless.

Be kind to animals, but remember that they are only animals. They are beasts. They are not your offspring.

God commanded us to rule over them - they exist for our benefit and to serve us. Dogs are useful servants, but they don’t belong in your bed or at your dining room table.

Donovan Nagel

Written by Donovan Nagel

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