Irish Is An Ethnic Group, Not A Civic Identity

Written by Donovan Nagel
Last updated: Nov 28th, 2023
Irish Is An Ethnic Group, Not A Civic Identity

You cannot become Irish.

Just as a man can’t become a woman, and a dog can’t become a cat, a person cannot become Irish.

Irish, Scottish, Welsh, etc. are ethnic groups.

They have identifiable physical characteristics.

In other words, an Irish person looks Irish.

Being born on Irish soil, growing up with an Irish accent or speaking Gaeilge does not change your DNA.

I’m Australian, but I have Irish DNA, not Australian aboriginal DNA.

My family’s century in Australia has not and never will change who (or what) we are.

This is why someone from the new world (America, Australia, Canada, etc.) with Irish ancestry can correctly assert “I’m Irish”, even if they’ve never been to Ireland and have no remaining familial ties.

Just as I can look at a Sudanese person and know they’re from Sudan, I can look at an Irish person and know they’re from Ireland.

Why do I feel the need to state the obvious here?

What’s happening in Ireland should alarm everyone

When I moved to Ireland almost two decades ago, I could see what was going on the moment I stepped off the plane.

Coming from Australia, it was all too familiar (our country had already gone down this road).

There was a push even then by the Irish government (and the EU) to rapidly transform the country into something else, driven initially by the free movement of EU citizens who were attracted to Ireland’s rising economy.

Lots of Eastern Europeans in particular went to Ireland for work and there was often grumbling in the native Irish population about “Poles taking our jobs” (I heard this a lot).

But the Eastern Europeans were never the problem.

They had every intention of going home after they made some money for their families.

It was the non-Europeans that had zero intention of ever leaving once they landed.

These were, according to the Irish government, the “new Irish”.

”New Irish”.

There were even billboards plastered around the cities by the government with big, bold letters saying “The New Irish”, with pictures of smiling people from around the world.

The propaganda was relentless.

These “new Irish” at the time were a fairly small, insignificant minority.

I had a unique perspective myself, living in Ireland as an immigrant from Australia (I say “immigrant” despite being genetically Irish and having thousands of years of ancestral ties to Ireland).

I worked with other immigrants (mostly from Bangladesh) who would openly and regularly express their hatred for Irish people and Irish culture. They’d tell me that their primary aim being in Ireland was to get an Irish passport (securing their rights to stay).

They’d call Irish women “filthy” and then proceed to tell me that their own children were now “Irish”.

I came to learn how widespread this attitude was in the newly arrived immigrant communities toward the native Irish who welcomed them.

The problem has become much, much worse

I was there almost two decades ago.

In that time, Ireland has been irreparably transformed.

Now you have Bangladeshi politicians in Ireland (how is this even a thing?) calling for Irish people to be “shot in the head”.

The current Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, (an Indian homosexual) and his government are transplanting bus loads of mostly male Africans and Central Asians into Irish villages under cover of darkness.

Ireland is no longer safe for Irish people.

These “new Irish” prey on the native Irish and their children.

After a group of Irish kids were stabbed last week by a “new Irish”, the Dublin natives took to the streets to voice their anger.

What was Leo Varadkar’s response?

Introduce legislation to make it illegal to disagree (“hate” speech laws).

What this basically means is that a native, indigenous Irish person who complains about being demographically replaced/genocided will face fines or imprisonment.

It’s at this point that you could accurately call Ireland subjugated all over again.

When you have a government that’s imposing the destruction of your people and then making it illegal for you to challenge them, you are living under tyranny.

Does Ireland deserve this?

This X thread summed it up correctly:

There is simply no good justification or reason for the rapid demographic replacement of the indigenous Irish people.

None whatsoever.

You can’t use the tired “but colonialism” trope, because the Irish were never colonisers. In fact, the Irish themselves have been victims of many centuries of colonialism and enslavement. It wasn’t that long ago that soldiers of the English crown were occupying Ireland.

So why the aggressive push to replace the native Irish?

One must assume that there’s a bigger agenda at play here. Perhaps the same agenda behind similar demographic replacements around the world.

The First Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf, a Pakistani man with a Scottish accent, recently complained that Scotland is “too white” (too Scottish).

Leo Varadkar did the same thing.

Why are they doing this?

And a better question is: why are people sitting back and allowing it to happen?

Why is it that in countries like Australia there has been a push in recent years to “give the country back” to the indigenous population and make reparations, while at the same time we’re seeing the complete opposite happening to the indigenous groups of Europe, who are being aggressively stripped of their identities and homelands?

What’s going on here?

People need to start asking these questions.

Donovan Nagel

Written by Donovan Nagel

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