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Agents Of Chaos

Oct 2020
As I write this, it looks like the coup against Donald Trump may actually succeed. I hope I'm wrong.

Why I've Changed My Mind About The Coronavirus

May 2020
I've changed my position on the coronavirus. Is a really yucky virus worth destroying the global economy (and our way of life) over?

Liberal Classism: Why Leftists Hate The Working Class

Dec 2019
It's hard not to notice the clear pattern of working class revolt against smug, elitist classism happening all over the Western world at this very moment.

Leaving Christianity Is So Woke - Just Ask Joshua Harris

Aug 2019
Joshua Harris decided to leave Christianity after divorcing his wife. Renouncing Christianity is so woke these days.
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Worship In The Dark: Why I Avoid Blacked Out Churches

Jun 2019
In my opinion, one of the most bizarre and unfortunate church trends is 'nightclub' worship. Is it too much to ask to open the curtains?

Today I've Orbited The Sun 35 Times

May 2019
Oddly, 35 years old feels like a bigger milestone than any I've had before.

Disclipeship Is Primarily A Process Of Unlearning

May 2019
Transformation of a person's life does not happen in an instant. It's a long road of unlearning.

If Your Church Wants To Be Relevant, It's Not A Real Church

May 2019
The Church was never called to be relevant or to conform to society. If your church wants to be cool, then find a real one.
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4 Reasons Why I've Resisted Getting Into Paid Ministry

May 2019
These are my personal objections to working in paid Christian ministry.

Why You Should Stop Blaming Generational Curses For Everything

May 2019
Generational curses are still blamed for everthing in many church circles.

World Domination Summit (WDS) Review: A Creepy Cult

Jun 2015
In this review of the World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland OR, I share how creepy and disturbing it was as a first-time attendee.