Don't Be Shocked By Guy Mason's Pathetic Response To David Koch

Written by Donovan Nagel
Oct 5th, 2022
Don't Be Shocked By Guy Mason's Pathetic Response To David Koch

If you haven’t been following the story, Essendon’s (that’s an Australian Rules Football team) chief executive Andrew Thorburn was pressured to resign recently because he dares to go to church.

There does seem to be a concerted assault on Christian moral conviction in major sport these days.

Admittedly, I initally didn’t pay much attention to this story for two reasons:

  1. I couldn’t care less about the AFL.
  2. Melbourne is such a degenerate hellhole that attacks on Christianity and conservative values there are entirely expected.

Choosing to live in Melbourne, or indeed Victoria, is practically begging for trouble for anyone still of sound mind. You only have to look at what they did — and continue to do — to people over the past 3 years to understand.

But which church does Andrew Thorburn attend that’s so controversial?

City on a Hill, Melbourne and Pastor Guy Mason

What I find so interesting and even mildly amusing about this whole saga is that the church in question is yet another Acts29 catastrophe, part of the same network as Liberti Church (which I’ve written about before).

City On A Hill is run by Guy Mason (Senior Pastor) and is part of the Anglican Melbourne Diocese.

The attacks on their alleged “extremism” for loosely ascribing to 2000 year old conservative views on murder and marriage are an irony to me, because these heretical churches themselves routinely attack authentic Christian conservatism.

While they do tend to hold on to conservative biblical beliefs when it comes to matters like abortion and marriage (for how long?), on almost every other point they are the epitome of moral compromise and an existential threat to real Christians.

I consider all forms of Protestantism heretical (see my post on Orthodoxy), but the progressive, neo-reformed churches are some of the most egregious cultural capitulators out there.

You only have to look up Guy Mason’s nauseating sermons and interviews on race relations, climate and rainbow nonsense to see what I’m getting at (he uploaded a series to YouTube recently called Left & Right which is basically a series on why he thinks Left IS Right).

Seeing these progressive heretics get accused of being too extreme or “hardline” is an indictment on how far down the toilet our society has actually gone. It also goes to show that siding with the enemy will not preserve you - they will eventually turn on capitulating churches too.

The Anglican church, of which Guy Mason is a part of, abandoned Christ long ago anyway.

Guy Mason’s pathetic interview with Kochi

David Koch recently interviewed Guy Mason over his church’s views.

I don’t want to sound too harsh here, in all fairness.

It wouldn’t be fun for anyone to be put in front of cameras on national TV and aggressively questioned. Especially by a piece of work like David Koch.

But why couldn’t Guy Mason just answer Kochi’s question matter-of-factly?

If, as a pastor, you do indeed believe that abortion is murder, why not simply answer in the affirmative?

Koch asked Guy Mason:

“Comparing abortion to the Holocaust and homosexuality a sin is not love, it’s not inclusion. There are so many other churches that are tolerant, are inclusive. You all read the same book.

Why do you have this hardline and not-so-loving view?”

And Guy Mason responded with this:

“Well, we’re talking about a quote that was from probably 10 years ago, and the intention was not to be inflammatory. The words were wrong. I’d use different words today."

"The essence of the message though is that Jesus is all about life. We’re inclusive. We’re not homophobic. We’re for life and we’re for love.”

Guy Mason is still doubling down on walking back whatever Christian beliefs he still has:

“I have good friends who are Christians who are same-sex attracted, who love Jesus and found life in him.”

“We are a very diverse community, we are about love.

“Our community is made up of all kinds of people, of different nationalities, of different backgrounds and different sexual orientations.”


And where has all this capitulation and heresy gotten them?

The Stonnington City Council is now carefully reviewing their rental contract with City On A Hill.

Vernacular like “inclusion”, “diversity”, “equality” do not even belong in the authentic Church.

These are the world’s terms.

To reduce yourself to that kind of language is to frame your theology around pagan talking points.

Expect churches like City On A Hill and pastors like Guy Mason to bow even lower to pagans over the coming years, and like the US Episcopal Church, they will inevitably replace the cross of Christ with a rainbow flag draped across the altar.

Protestantism is shambolic in all its forms, and Orthodoxy remains the only authentic Christian bulwark against the prevailing madness.

While I find Andrew Thorburn’s case deeply concerning, perhaps even more concerning is that his “church” isn’t really church.

What are your thoughts?

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Written by Donovan Nagel

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