What's Really Behind All Of This Madness?

Donovan Nagel
Written by Donovan Nagel

Brisbane is locked down again.

3 day harsh lockdown over a handful of people having sniffles. No deaths. No hospitalizations.

Just shutting an entire city down, and forcing mask mandates on the whole state over as a “precautionary” measure.

Why is this happening everywhere?

One year later, and we’re still going around and around with this nonsense.

Admittedly, Australians (especially Queenslanders) have had relatively normal lives compared to more corrupt parts of the world like the US and Europe.

I keep asking this question: what’s really going on here?

What it could be

There are several possible reasons for this mad clown world that we’re trapped in:

  1. Governments are privvy to information about COVID that the rest of us aren’t, and it’s truly bad
  2. All of this is a gigantic hoax used to usher in something very radical
  3. People, including politicians, are simply incompetent and stupid, and they genuinely think that they’re saving people by doing this
  4. There is a mass spiritual delusion on the world right now
  5. In abandoning God, humanity is returning to a form of humanistic Earth worship

Let me explain each for a moment.

1. Governments know more than we do

This one’s the most unlikely.

Governments are privvy to intel about COVID-19 that we aren’t, and the situation is indeed serious.

Think biological weapon research gone wrong, or deliberately unleashed.

In this case, governments know the facts behind it but for whatever reason, it’s not safe to declare publicly. So instead, they take drastic measures to lock down and prevent transmission until they can work out how to stop it.

Likelihood: Doubtful.

If this were the case, then every government in the world would have to be keeping a lid on it and then maintaining trade relations with China after what they’ve done.

I just can’t see it happening.

2. COVID is a scam designed or exploited to usher in a new system

Sounds conspiratorial but is appearing more and more likely every day.

What opened my eyes to this possibility was seeing how similar (nearly identical in fact) the COVID pandemic response and the Climate Change hoax are.

Look at the most obvious points:

  • Shutting down nearly all air traffic
  • “Quiet” cities
  • Bringing CO2-emitting industries to a grinding halt

The Climate Change pagans basically got their wish with COVID. There have been numerous articles written rejoicing at how much cleaner the air around cities is now and how quiet it is. Some people are even saying lockdowns should stay to help Climate Change.

The taoiseach of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, a scumbag I know personally, even said recently that lockdowns may stay for 7 years (I think Fauci also said it).

Roughly the same timeline for “fixing” Climate Change.

So basically, the 2030 agenda in full swing.

Now, was COVID invented for that purpose? I don’t think so. But it sure is being exploited for that purpose.

3. Incompetency, gullibility and a belief that they’re doing what’s right

This is highly plausible.

People are just stupid. Including politicians.

COVID has become a hard fact and reality for them and they’re riding a wave of collective gullibility, thinking they’re doing the right thing.

It is possible - sometimes we overestimate the intelligence of leaders to concoct evil plans.

The problem with conspiracies about globalists is that we always assume they’re smart.

Perhaps that they truly do believe they’re doing what’s right but are utterly incompetent.

4. Spiritual delusion

What if God has permitted the unelect to be swayed by something beyond their control.

A mass, corporate possession of sorts.

Corporate possession is real.

Often, we look at events unfolding around the world and think, “How can everyone be losing their minds like this? What’s wrong with everyone?”

It seems like everyone inhaled crazy gas and went totally bonkers.

What if it is spiritual?

“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

5. Rejection of God has lead to a new religion or return to humanistic Earth worship

There’s no such thing as an atheist.

Everyone worships something.

The godless have turned themselves into gods (Tower of Babel all over again). They look to themselves for answers.

Hence why COVID and Climate Change are “our responsibility” to solve.

This insane fear and determination to prevent illness and the tiny risk of death, or to prevent an environmental apocalypse is man’s job.

Who made us gods?

Since when did humans have the power to literally reverse the course of nature?

All the “experts” and “scientists” (both Climate and COVID) have become a new priesthood.

They are our priests - our conduits - to the nature gods.

Christians must not allow themselves to be sucked in by any of this

We all had our moment of fear and confusion last year.

When COVID started, we were all shocked and worried for a time.

Now the dust has long settled and we see a lot clearer. Christians must not get sucked in by this.

We worship God and we trust God.

God alone controls nature, and God alone determines who lives and dies.

Anything else is idolatry.

And if you’re a minister of a church, you have a solemn duty before God to never close your doors or consent to government-mandated halting of worship.

If they shut your church, you must still meet.

Any pastor who says otherwise should not be a pastor.