Booster Shot Lifetime Recurring Subscription [No Refunds]

Donovan Nagel
Written by Donovan Nagel

Politicians are finally admitting that when you sign up for a COVID vaccination, it’s a lifetime, recurring subscription with no refunds.

A lot of people think the dreaded vaxx is a “one and done” thing.

You get your two jabs and then you’ve “done your bit for society”, and COVID is no longer your concern. You can go back to work and put this nightmare behind you.

Well… sorry.

Our corrupt leaders are openly admitting now that COVID booster shots will be your “new normal” indefinitely.

That means the rest of your life.

And when you consider the fact that each time you get a jab, there’s a chance you may be permanently disabled, injured or even killed, that means that every year from here on out is going to be Russian roulette with your life.

Does that sound fun?

Let me be perfectly clear: the only way forward is natural immunity.

Vaccines don’t work - they might reduce symptoms for a brief period - but at great risk to you personally and they do not prevent transmission.

You’ll need to catch COVID and build immunity.

If you’re unhealthy, get healthy.

If you have old or immunocompromised family members, keep them protected/isolated if need be.

Eventually, our leaders will be forced to admit that this is quite literally the only option we have to move forward and get beyond this.

Getting COVID might feel yucky for a few days or weeks, but compare that to a lifetime of Russian roulette jabs and dependence on Big Pharma, and it’s a pretty easy choice.