People Have Such Short Memories, Don't They?

Written by Donovan Nagel
Last updated: Jan 20th, 2021
People Have Such Short Memories, Don't They?

I’ll keep this short because I don’t have the mental or emotional energy for many more words on politics.

I’ve made my opinion clear on the 2020 election.

Whatever you blame the shambolic result on (whether it’s fraud or Big Tech), the fact will always remain that all of this is, indeed, shambolic.

The fact that they’ve erected walls and employed tens of thousands of vetted soldiers to protect the incoming President should tell you everything you need to know. They’ve replaced people with little flags and conveniently used COVID as an excuse for empty attendance.

People are right to feel dismayed right now.

Some of the most truly wicked and corrupt people on the planet just took the seat of unchecked power. We all joked that they had no chance of succeeding and made memes about it - yet there they are.

In power.

Why I’m particularly worried

People have such short memories.

Remember what Obama’s 8 years gave the world?

In no particular order:

  • ISIS. Totally destablized Middle East and North Africa.
  • Migrant crisis into Europe.
  • Advancement of the LGBT agenda. Gay marriage. Trans lunacy.
  • Breakdown of race relations.
  • On the verge of North Korean war.
  • Empowered China.
  • Annexation of Crimea.
  • Shady deals with Iran and others.
  • Targeting of conservatives by the US government.
  • and so much more…

It was a truly oppressive time, more than people realize or choose to remember.

I literally sat and held the hands of ISIS victims who had fled to Jordan. Women who had been subjected to rape. Men who had been strung up and threatened with execution. Even babies who had the studs removed from their ears by ISIS brigands.

Obama’s JV team.

The LGBT agenda went full blown during Obama’s time. When that flag was splashed up on the White House, it really was indicative of a total, moral collapse in the West, led by his administration.

Other countries quickly followed (ours did).

The migrant crisis into Europe, caused by the Obama admin’s Middle East actions and overthrowing Ghaddafi, contributed to the ruination of Europe’s future.

Race relations plummeted under Obama (not Trump!).

I could go on and on.

We’ve returned to this now, only much worse. A much more emboldened and morally corrupt government than any before it. The next 4 years (and no doubt more) will be absolutely dystopian.

God give us strength to persevere through such times.

Donovan Nagel

Written by Donovan Nagel

Christian, husband, dad, entrepreneur, dev, linguist, theologian and clown world survivalist. Follow on X.