Roe v. Wade

Donovan Nagel
Written by Donovan Nagel

Roe v. Wade, the abhorrent US Supreme Court decision from 1973 that made abortion a federally protected right, was finally repealed this past week.

The courts now recognize that American women do not have a constitutional right to kill their children.

Shouldn’t have taken so long to reach such an obvious conclusion.

This doesn’t mean that abortion is banned everywhere, but it does mean that conservative states have the legal right to ban it within their own jurisdiction. A woman in Alabama, for example, may now have to travel to a state like California to murder her offspring.

It’s a step in the right direction and simply aligns with other countries (like Australia) where each state determines its own rules.

A more “democratic” way to handle the matter.

Naturally, the ungodly are overreacting to this news by saying that men on the Supreme Court have taken away the rights of women and now “women will die”. They’re either dishonest or confused about what the decision means.

The protests have been nothing short of hysterical and demonic.

The truth is: abortion is almost always treated as a contraceptive measure by promiscuous women (as well as predatory men who often pressure women to do it to avoid their own responsibility).

This isn’t about “controlling womens’ bodies”.

This is about saving the bodies of defenseless children.

Hysterical protesters are, for the most part, furious that their sexual escapades will now be inconvenienced by interstate travel (apparently California, Canada and companies like Google have even offered to subsidize abortion access for women elsewhere).

Trudeau Roe v Wade

You really have to wonder why abortive contraception is so critically necessary for these people.

Why is our society so hell-bent on destroying families and preventing procreation?

The Christian response is not up for debate

There is no such thing as a Christian who supports abortion.

It is not up for discussion or debate.

You simply cannot support such evil barbarism and stand in the presence of God with a clear conscience.

If your church is even remotely sympathetic to infanticide, then I advise you to leave immediately and wipe the dust off your feet. Don’t even hesitate.

Any so-called Christian who vocalizes support for abortion should be removed from fellowship.

This is not a minor thing or an insignificant theological difference of opinion.

Murder is a clear black-and-white issue.

Fr. Josiah shared some great insights on this decision, and he also cautioned believers to “expect a murderous response from those who support murder”:

Churches should be vigilant.

In summary

The removal of Roe has changed nothing but the level of convenience for promiscuous women.

Abortion is not illegal at a federal level and is still completely available in most states (sadly).

The reaction is hysterical, over-the-top and utterly demonic.

Most importantly the Christian position remains unchanged:

Abortion is inexcusable and unjustifiable.

There is no discussion and no debate to be had.

For those women who repent of their past abortion or support of it, Christ’s forgiveness and mercy is always there.