Are We Heading Toward Medical Apartheid? [PODCAST]

Summary: We seem to be heading in the direction of a new, frightening medical apartheid where unvaccinated people are pushed to the fringes of society. Will it happen?

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Are We Heading Toward Medical Apartheid? [PODCAST]

Donovan Nagel
Written byDonovan Nagel

There’s a lot of worrying talk lately, not only about mandatory vaccines, but about mistreatment of people who choose not to take one.

Piers Morgan wants society to deny us medical care because of our private, personal medical decisions.

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If mandatory vaccines are difficult to enforce, then we might have to brace ourselves for a new apartheid where a large segment of society is pushed to the fringes.

I don’t like where it’s all going.

You should never take a vaccine or any medication unless it benefits you personally. Don’t ever let yourself be sucked in by the idea of receiving an injection “for the greater good” when there is zero personal benefit to be had.

If and when I see the value in taking a vaccine, I will take it. But I will never take a vaccine because a politician, media personality or screaming liberal Karen tells me I should.

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