You Get Vaccinated To Protect Yourself, Not Others

Donovan Nagel
Written by Donovan Nagel

Since when did vaccination become about “protecting others”?

Whether it’s myself or my kids, we get shots (real vaccines) to protect our own, individual selves from disease.

If I go to Africa, I take shots to keep myself safe from waterborne illness.

We vaccinated our kids to protect them against the Measles but not to protect other children in the community from the Measles.

I’m tired of this bizarre “do your duty to society” attitude.

What’s deeply troubling is that young, healthy, not-at-risk people are being told to take medical risks to protect other people who are nearing end-of-life, or suffering from their poor life choices.

A 20 year old with their whole life ahead of them is expected to risk death or injury to help a 90 year old reach 91.

It’s utter madness.